Mar. 21st, 2010

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Dear Wells Fargo,

I appreciate that with the number of clients that you have that you may not have, for some reason, received a copy of my most recent renewal to my homeowners insurance from the insurance company. Being a good mortgage company, you chose to inform me and give me a couple of options to update you about it. I chose to use the online method...nice touch for you to offer it.

Or so I thought.

See, I figured that you would be asking me for information that I could provide about my current homeowners policy. But everything you are asking for is information that one could simply provide to you from the previous one. I could simply lie to you and tell you it was current. Unless you were planning on calling them to verify. But, then, if you were, WHY DIDN'T YOU ALREADY DO THAT?

Okay, I'll accept that you're only willing to check up on those who actually provide you with this information in the first place. Hell, who cares about those who might not have gotten the notice from you in the mail, moved recently, don't read English, can't navigate that absurd set of input fields in your website, or don't have access to a fax machine?

But then I chose to look at your FAQ in order to get a couple of questions answered about entering information in these fields. I'm not sure who you hired for website design, or what they told you a FAQ is, but Frequently Asked Questions lists do not mean you just list down the most frequently asked questions people have. YOU MUST ALSO WRITE DOWN THE ANSWERS! Do keep that in mind for your next redesign.

--Omaha Sternberg


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