Oct. 27th, 2010

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Y-chan brought a boy home today. Not behind our backs this time, but with our full knowledge. She had asked yesterday if she could bring him over and we'd agreed. This is her first real boyfriend (all of the others being friends she tested out what "boyfriend" was supposed to mean).

And it shows. The NRE is strong with the two of them, and I have to giggle a bit here and there watching them. Just the most innocent looks they give each other.

We went to Carpinito's, which is a local farm that does a corn maze (really excellent designs), roasted corn, kettle corn, sells home grown veggies, and pumpkins...lots and lots of pumpkins. Because of the timing, [livejournal.com profile] elfs  and I managed to get some corn, then they all went into the maze (Y-chan and N, her boyfriend, in one, and Elf and K-chan in the other). I waited around for them, picking up some kettle corn and walking around and looking for which pumpkins might be best. However, by the time they all got out it was so dark that we couldn't see very well, so we just bagged the rest and went to dinner.

At dinner we learned an important piece of information. Apparently, Elf has gained a bizarre reputation among Y-chan's friends...they all think of him as this dark and foreboding character that they should all be afraid of. Yes, I kid you not. N revealed this in no uncertain terms when he stated, "Yeah, you're really a lot less scary than I thought you would be. I thought you'd be this tall, bald dude with tattoos all over his body."

[livejournal.com profile] lisakit  and I just about fell out of our chairs laughing. I mean, the very idea of Elf being scary was funny enough, but the image the boy gave was just too hilarious. We finished dinner and took N home after he'd said goodnight to Y-chan.


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