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Trump signs an Executive Order (EO) to bar entry to anyone from one of seven nations (Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, and Sudan.)
Federal Judge Issued Stay Against Trump’s Seven Country Ban.
Department of Homeland Security Refuses to Follow Judge’s Stay.

The Invisible Line.

Trump signed an EO stating that no refugees would be allowed into the country from anywhere for 120 days, no one would be allowed in from Syria permanently, and that for 90 days NO ONE would be allowed into the country from any of seven countries (Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen). No matter who they are. Whether they had green cards, permanent visas, were dual-citizens, or otherwise,

If you don’t already know, this last one violates the Fifth Amendment of our Constitution (also known as Habeus Corpus). Trump didn’t care. Lawyers from the ACLU, NIR, and others spent the night writing up a brief to challenge this, and managed to get a Federal Judge to issue a “stay”. This stay prevented the DHS from sending anyone from those seven countries who were in-transit or already here back.

The Invisible Line.

Or it was supposed to. As you can read, the DHS said that nothing the judge did prevented them from following through on Trump’s EO. And one person has already been sent back despite the stay. It really took thousands of people in major cities to flood their airports last night and block this from happening. These protests were quiet, peaceful, and in some places still ongoing.

Imagine, if you will, having been born in Iran, and then your family moving to America when you were 1 yr old. You know NOTHING about anything to do with Iran other than what the grandparents tell you…you are an AMERICAN.

The Invisible Line.

And now Trump is telling you that you are not allowed to come back to your home country after visiting the relatives. That is a violation of the 5th AND 1st Amendment. Punishing you for something that you have nothing to do with, simply because some of your relatives are Muslim (you may not even follow Islam!).

We have crossed that Invisible Line.

And we must hope that it will not conclude with Civil War.
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