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Haven't posted in forever, but thought I'd post about this tidbit that I have discovered about Macs. Recently, as in the past few months, I've noticed that my Mac has become slower and more difficult to handle. Specifically, I'll start up several programs when I start my day, and everything freezes for a while as though it needs to deal with the idea that I've started up these programs and needs to spend some time finding them. The spinning beach ball of doom is prevalent.

Then, throughout the day, just opening another program (ESPECIALLY Adobe Reader) resulted in my Mac slowing down to unusable for minutes at a time. Also, iTunes would periodically just reason seemed to be given.

I finally got sick of this and decided this morning to do some research. Well, I lie...I did some research earlier, but just didn't have the time to follow up on it. Today I realized just how much valuable time I've been losing to this and decided that time was better spent researching the problem. I brought up Activity Monitor and found that the process mds was chewing up not just CPU time, but an incredible amount of virtual much as 6 GB (I have 6 GB of actual memory on the machine). That's WAY too much for any process to need.

So I did some research on mds and found it was connected to Spotlight. Now, I don't really use Spotlight, an indexing program, on my Mac much. It's nice to occasionally do a search, but it doesn't happen often enough to merit justifying it. Still, I didn't want to privatize my entire Mac because Spotlight needed to see everything....EVERYTHING...that my Mac had on it.

I did realize that it really didn't need to index my additional harddrives...almost all of which were archives (save for the Bootcamp drive which, again, didn't need to be indexed). Also, I didn't need my Dropbox indexed, or Elf's music folder (which is ENORMOUS...the man has too much music) when I connected to his harddrive. So I privatized all of those.

So far I haven't had any stoppages, but it's only been a little while. We'll see if this continues and has solved my problem. I hope so, because I don't want to do something drastic, like privatize everything, or reinstall the OS.
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Over the past year or so I've been pretty quiet. There are a number of reasons for this...some of which I'll mention in this post, some of which I won't. Some I may never actually discuss. One very particular reason is that, after a period of time, I've discovered that when one has a great deal to say it becomes difficult to say anything. There is so much to talk about that it becomes hard to figure out where to start, what to focus on for that particular post, and when to end it. Eventually, one just says, "Oh, the hell with it" and starts up a game. It doesn't help that the game must be played for work (I'm not kidding about this...I do review games for a living, so that makes this excuse even more difficult to ignore).

But I also use this excuse to avoid contact with others. I think that is another problem I have been having over the past year...probably more. When you work from home, contact with others becomes a chore to arrange. Eventually, you start convincing yourself on a subconscious level that you are not interesting enough for other people's time and space, and besides, don't you have that game to review? Being epileptic and having problems getting places doesn't make it easier.

So, what I guess I'm saying is that I intend to start posting in my blog again on a regular basis, not just as a means to communicate my thoughts to other people, but as a means of therapy for myself. To remind myself that I am a worthwhile person (you know that when just saying a phrase like that makes you tear up, you have issues).

So, what have I been up to these past 12 months (or more)? A lot, actually. I have been a busy bee (bzz, bzz, bzz). I'm not going to spend this post talking in detail about all of it...I'll be posting in detail separately about each one. But I'll summarize.

I had two separate revelationary events in the past 12 months. The first one was in January. Some events occurred around my business at that time that caused me to make some very hard, very difficult decisions. Of course, the universe felt that such decisions couldn't be made in a vacuum, so it saw fit to send the death of my beloved Dinah the same week. In the end, those decisions helped me a great deal with much of my business stuff, but I'm due to make some more decisions about work in the next four months. Joy.

I also chose to run for chair of my Democratic legislative district. I'll talk about the details about that later, but suffice to say that I won, and the experience since has been eye-opening.

The second revelationary event was just in the past week regarding my relationship with Yamaarashi-chan. I won't be going into details about it in my public blog, but suffice to say that the event was very positive. Not to say that there won't be difficulties to come, but many issues I have had have been dealt with and put to bed, and roads of relationship cleared.

I'll be making some more posts in the next few days...I'm going to try to post at least once every other day. We'll see how that works.


May. 19th, 2009 09:32 am
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Last weekend, Elf mentioned that I had stated that he had exhibited "the most ridiculous example of man buying" I had seen in a while...without, of course, going into detail. I was willing to let him get away with this until I saw his article today about Miller, and his desire to be "annoyed" with him regarding Miller's discussion of impulse buying and signaling.

Okay, Elf, now you've done it.

Because last weekend, Elf displayed the most egregious example of impulse buying I've ever seen, one which we stereotypically assign to woman, but interestingly enough in our relationship I rarely do.

He bought a leaf blower.

We were coming back from some event or other, and on the way back home, he saw a sign for a yard sale. "Wanna take a quick look," he asked.

I wasn't particularly interested, but yard sale season had arrived and, being a woman, I'm supposed to be enthusiastic, nay giddy with desire, so I said yes. Besides, it was a beautiful day, and it was a few more minutes away from teh kids.

Not surprisingly, the sale didn't have a huge amount there of interest. Mostly kids toys and clothes and such for children far younger than Kouryou-chan and Yamarrashi-chan. I spotted the leaf blower as we walked up to the sale and thought about pointing it out to Elf...I knew that he had been interested in one. But I figured that if he wanted it, he'd look it over himself. If not, we didn't really need to be spending money right now.

Well, we finished our perusal, decided there was really nothing of interest, and got back into the car, which was parked in the driveway. He pulled out, then glanced back at the sale as he started to drive away....and jammed on the brakes.

"Hey, they have a leaf blower!"

"Yes," I said, "didn't you see it? It was right in front."

He then immediately turned off the car and started to jump out. "Elf!" I called out. "What the hell are you doing?! We're in the middle of the road!"

"Oh," he replied. "Well, it's all right, there's nobody coming."

Aghhhh! "Elf, you can't leave the car here. Pull it over to the side of the street."

Grudgingly, he did so, then trotted back up to the driveway. He grabbed the leaf blower, ran his hands down it's loooooooooooooong black blow pipe....and told them woman he'd buy it. "How much is it?"


My jaw dropped, not at the price (which was more than reasonable for a used leaf blower which starts at $50 or so), but that he'd make a decision like that without any questions or anything.

"Uh, Elf," I called from the car, "shouldn't you ask if they have a manual? Is it electric? Does it come with the cord?" Can you test it to make sure it fracking works??

He held it up. "It has a cord plug-in just like all our other ones...our cords will work with it." Totally missing the point, of course. The lady mentioned that she wasn't sure if she had the manual, and wouldn't know where to look. Am I the only one who keeps all the manuals for every device in my house in folders?

"I'll take it." Elf handed the $10 over, then hopped back to the car. I glared at him.

"I can't believe you just did that," I growled at him. "That was the most disgusting example of...of..."

"Man-buying?" he input.

"Yeah," I muttered.

Later, he went out and plugged the thing in. It seems to work fine. At least, he had no problems with it. After he was finished blowing the walkway and both driveways, he proceeded to blow the small private road we share with the other four families on the block. I walked out to him at that point.

"Enjoying your substitute penis?" I asked.

He grinned enormously, then stuck the thing between his legs. "Oh, yeah!"
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I had a very busy weekend. And not just because of the things that we as a family did that Elf blogged about. I'm talking about things that I did myself.

In which Omaha praises herself for a job well done. )
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This morning I woke up, ready to move forward with a busy day. I had a lot of work, plus a meeting in the early afternoon, and Kouryou-chan had ballet after school.

Unfortunately, my brain chose to get in the way. Around 10:30 am it decided to have a seizure....a pretty serious one. I busted my lip. Not sure how, I had enough of a warning that I got to lie down on the floor...must have banged my face against the floor. When I woke up, I was sitting in my chair in front of my computer again. I let [ profile] elfs and [ profile] fallenpegasus know what happened (I was talking to them online at the time) and cancelled my afternoon meeting. Then it was off to bed, where I slept for about 5 hours.

I'm still tired, and my head still hurts a bit. Ibuprofen is your friend. :/
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There comes a time in ones life when, no matter how obsessed with rules or perfection or cleanliness one is, one ends up just letting things pile on to one's detriment. Case in point: The Garage. )


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