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Elf was having gut issues which was resulting in coming from him. And though he claimed he had no control, they always seemed to happen at the worst times (or maybe the right times, depending on your POV). In any case, I was ribbing him for it, while Kouryou-chan was listening in.

"Why is it that I can control these things all the time and you can't?" I said. "You never know when I have these issues."

"Years of bad habits," Elf replied.

I snorted. "You know why I can do this? Because I have superb sphincter control!"

And in her little girl voice, Kouryou-chan piped up, "And someday, I'll have superb sphincter control, too!"

She broke the mommy!
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I'm a bit at my wit's end regarding this issue. For several years now, Elf and I have been putting Yamaarashi-chan and Kouryou-chan to bed at about 9 pm, for a 6:45/7am wake up (6:45 for Yamaarashi-chan, 7 for Kouryou-chan). In the mornings, Yamaarashi-chan wakes right up. Kouryou-chan does not.

This has led me to believe recently that Yamaarashi-chan could go to bed later, say 9:30. We tried that for a while, but unfortunately had problems with Kouryou-chan constantly getting out of bed to see what her sister was doing.

In the past couple of months Kouryou-chan has been exhibiting bedtime behavior that is driving me nuts. She refuses to go to bed, regardless of whether her sister goes to bed with her, constantly gets up and harasses us or her sister, and generally behaves like she is not tired at all. In the morning, she continues to act like she is sleepy and tired. But now I'm wondering whether her morning behavior is "sleepy" behavior or "I'm not a morning person" behavior

Tonight we tried something different. We allowed both to stay up until 9:30. It resulted in them staying up until 9:45, actually, because they were both catching up on some chores. It's a little after 10, and Kouryou-chan is *still* acting like she isn't tired, getting up and saying she is bored, wants to find a toy, needs water, etc. I am so sick of this I'm ready to just tie the kid to the bed and ignore her for the rest of the night!

What experience do you have, if you are a parent with a child near Kouryou-chan's age (8 years old), with bedtimes, specifically with how long your children sleep at night. Do you think that the 10 hours we give Kouryou-chan is enough? Too much? Should we ratchet it down to 9 hours? Yamaarashi-chan could easily, I think, go to sleep at 10/9:45 and have a good night's sleep...but I don't know about Kouryou-chan. The two year difference can be a big one.

Any advice/thoughts welcome.


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